About us

In memory of Konstantinos

A significant part of the cost for our new website has been covered by offers in the memory of our beloved friend and partner, Konstantinos Godis.

His unique love for life was a typical attribute of him. Ηis sudden loss in March 2012, at the peak of his activity and offer, could not erase his memory and his decisive role in the creation of Callisto. He is still with us!

Konstantinos worked for more than 20 years to protect the environment and wildlife. He was born in Thessaloniki and studied Biology and Geography in USA. His master degree was in the Ecology of Water in UK. He worked at the Hellenic Center of Marine Research of Crete as a scientific researcher and in 1992 he co-founded in Thessaloniki the organization "Arktouros", where he was responsible for the construction of the Bear's Refuge in Nymphaio.

From 1994 to 1997 he was in charge of the Innovation Relay Center of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece, before returning to Arktouros, as coordinator of the actions in the Balkans and head of the Greek Shepherd Dog Center. In July 2004, together with other scientists, he founded CALLISTO. He was a key member of the Field Team of the organization and devoted much effort to spreading the use of good Greek Shepherd Dogs by livestock breeders.