Environmental Education

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Environmental Education is the continuous process of identifying the values, clarifying the concepts and building the skills and attitudes which are necessary for the understanding and appreciation of the interrelation between humans, culture  and our natural habitat.

The purpose is to train participants to develop their critical judgement and take initiative, and ultimately to be able to be actively involved in decision making around problems and issues concerning the environment. The environmental problems of our times have been created by our own way of life and the way we manage our natural resources. Callisto’s environmental education programs aim to enhance the participants’ sense of responsibility toward the environment.

Environmental Education 2018-2019

School year 2018-2019

Programs in schools of Athens

For the 7th consecutive year, Callisto offers environmental education programs to primary education students with the support of COSMOTE. Callisto’s programs are designed to promote an understanding of the necessity to preserve wild life and our natural habitat, and to offer opportunities for volunteering in programs designed to protect the national forests of Greece.

 This year’s program includes four modules: “Forest animals go to school”, “Mammals in danger”, “Humans and carnivore animals: clash and coexistence” and “The problem of poisoned bait”. The stuff of Callisto will teach to the pupils the secrets of Greek  forests and their fauna with an emphasis on large mammals such as the wolf and the bear. The program is implemented in cooperation with primary and secondary education institutes in  Athens. 

The cooperation between OTE  group and Callisto started in 2008 as part of OTE’s corporate responsibility. The environmental programme of COSMOTE aims to the minimisation of any environmental consequence resulting from the company’s activities, the development and provision of products and services for the increase of productivity and the protection of the environment, as well as to the increase in public awareness around environmental issues. More than 7,700 pupils have taken part in our Environmental Education Programme during the last 6 years.