Callisto is looking for volunteers for the summer programme "COEXIST"


CALLISTO is looking for volunteers for the program "COEXIST: Improving Human-Large Carnivores coexistence conditions and encouraging citizens participation in conservation  efforts". The aim of the programme is to enhance efforts to raise awareness  of the wider public and special population groups about the pan-European phenomenon of the "return of large carnivores". Awareness will help to the success of the appropriate prectices implemented by the government, public sector structures and non-governmental organizations. In addition, volunteers will reinforce the initiatives and actions of the Northern Pindos National Park Management Authority.

The volunteers will be trained by CALLISTO’s personnel, will be insured against danger of accident in the field by INTERLIFE, will be equipped with the appropriate communication materials and tools for the field work and will be supported by one of CALLISTO’s partners.


Basic information:

The volunteers will be informing visitors of the Northern Pindos National Park and special population groups that interact with large carnivores (farmers, breeders, beekeepers) .They will also help with cleaning and maintenance of mountain trails.

 The dates of the actions are the following:

• 26-28 May (Bank Holiday in Greece)

• 15-17 June,

• 17-22 July,

• 21-26 August.



Dates may change depending on the needs of the project. The first three volunteer groups (May-June-July) will be hosted at PALASE (Lampriadios University Research Station) in Ano Pedina, while the last (August) in the Valia Calda Reserve in Vovousa.


More information:

Everyone who wants to participate is requested to become CALLISTO’s supporter (the amount of the annual subscription is 40 €,  20 € for unemployed and students). The dietary costs will be covered by the volunteers. Insurance costs, travel costs and accommodation costs will be covered by CALLISTO.

We want to warmly thank both the Northern Pindos National Park Management Authority and INTERLIFE who support, through their work, the coexistence with large carnivores.

To apply for participation, please send an email entitled "Volunteering 2018: SYNOPPARHOME" to the account: communication (a)

The "COEXIST" programme is funded by the Green Fund.

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